About AstroRavana

The Astroravana is an undeniable fact that Vedic astrology retains a strong position

Astrology is an important facet of Hindu culture .Regarding Astrology, hindu folks believe that heavenly bodies, including ‘Navagraha’, planetary deities  influence earthly life. Vedic Astrology is considered one of the sciences in modern India.

Astrology means divination about human affairs or natural phenomena from the relative positions of celestial bodies. In simple words, foreseeing or foretelling of future events.

Naming our Astrological website ‘Astroravana ‘ raised a lot of questions in the beginning. One of the questions were, “why Ravana? why not something positive ?” .General perception is to start up something new with  positive .So ,here  ,we start with the man filled with immense positivity  -RAVANA- irrespective of the fact that how  he has been potrayed. If Astrology is about exploring things which are not obvious then ASTRORAVANA too is about exploring positive into negative. Astrology gives us a way, whether we follow it or not that is our decision.

RAVANA is an antagonist but it depends whether we choose to admire his intellect or just to follow the general perception about him to be ‘bad’. It is human tendency to perceive things as presented but, we wanted to present the other side of the coin alongwith the core concept and truth of the universe since its creation. We want to justify the approach astrology in real terms as astrology talks about unforseen aspects of life, so does Ravana.

Ravana is an antagonist of hindu epic ‘Ramayana’. He has always been highlighted as a character of grey shade. Yes he is a villain but, with immense heroism. His extraordinary capabilities and knowledge cannot be taken for granted. Yes, his ways were negative but not   approach .He was an exemplary scientist and genetic engineer of all the times. His ‘ Pushpak Vimana’ , one of his ultimate creations,  run on Mercury  Vortex engine,  still is a matter of research.

He was called ‘Dashanan’ for having ten heads .He was the person to have ten types of knowledge   (vidyas ),  secretely  held by ‘ Devatas’. One of them was the knowledge of secret of creation of the universe. He was an ultimate devotee of lord Shiva .He vigorously strived to master the science of life after Rishi Maharishi  Vishvamitra  who was one such scientist created life on earth. ‘Sita’, was his first successful experiment of creating life. She is also considered Ravana ‘s daughter in one way. Keeping   Astrology and his ways in mind, for which he has been considered an antagonist, we would like to make it clear that he was a great visionary. His death was not a result   of his karmas but a successful implementation of his strategy, which was to attain salvation through Rama.

Things did not happen to him but he made things happen .Being an ultimate visionary, he is worshipped in some parts of India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.


As far as his negative shade is concerned, so no one in this world is sheer positive. One can never be. Since the creation of this universe the two forces, negative and positive, keep working. If good exists, so does bad.

In fact the universal balance can only be maintained with the presence of positive and negative both. We cannot deny the fact that we, too, are a part of this universe, thus we are instilled with both of them. It is upto us if we awaken essential goodness in us or misinterpret goodness in disguise.


ASTRORAVANA is a genuine effort to justify the real concept of astrology on practical grounds so as not to be the one to follow flock of sheep, not to follow anything blindly, be it astrological prophecy or general perceptions. Listen, think, scrutinize and then follow. If one can find positivity in the most   highlighted   antagonist   RAVANA then, one is capable of finding soul out of stone.