Birth time selection

Birth time selection

Price: 2100 INR

According to Vedic astrology, when a child takes birth, the planetary transits at that instant affect the baby’s whole life. The Time of Birth of a person plays a very crucial role in his life. In today’s time we witness more of the cases ,in fact preference  is  given to c- sections. Even today, in the confirmed case of caesarean operation usually parents consult their astrologer for the best time and muhurt of operation. A lot of parents prefer to discuss birth chart even before birth of child for the guidance of the baby’s best future in terms of good luck, prosperity, wealth, health, family harmony , fortune, and general wellbeing for both the child and the family.

 Along with this, our expert Mr. Prashant Kapoor focuses on aspects of Intelligence, precautions, Good academic progress, Longevity, career growth, finance,, relationships, health, hard work and luxury are taken into considerations while making the horoscope. The concept of this service is that the ‘date’ of birth and the ‘time’ of birth are the two key elements for Astrological calculations and predictions. Provided that on a given day and time, the formation of clusters of planets and other aspects like ascendant & nakshatras are auspicious for the baby and the family in terms of fortune, happiness, career, money, , education and health.

Express – Astro Talk with Vedic Astrologer – Parshant  Kapoor

       Astrological Solutions:  Will be mailed separately

 Only one Horoscope can be discussed in this scheduled 30 minutes of time.

Input required for providing this service.
Please provide your complete birth details (Date of birth, Time & Birth Place), and preferred consultation time.

Please note: In case of unavailability of birth details one can mention the current time while filling the form including present location. In such special cases all the astrological calculations and solutions will be provided with the help of Prasna Kundli / Horary Astrology.

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